Saving Worms and Teamwork

My daughter brought home an “At Home” conversation starter the other day.

The first prompt was, “Tell a story that is about cooperation.” She took a moment to think before she started her story.

“This might gross you out,” she warned. “At recess we saved worms.”

My eyes got a little big, but I nodded, urging her to keep going.

“We took them from the concrete. We used sticks. Jin and Zi moved them. Zara and I set out leaves on the grass for them to eat. Do they eat leaves? We also dug holes so they could go down.”

“So everyone had an important but different job to do?” I asked?

“Yeah!” she answered. “Some of us moved the worms, some of us set out the leaves, some of us dug holes. Then we watched the worms.”

“Who was the one with the idea?” I asked.

“Me and Zailea,” she answered.

“You had to tell everyone what your idea was, and figure out who was going to do what to make it happen? So you two were like the leaders because you had the idea?”

“Yes! We had to tell everyone what we thought and give them jobs to do. We helped everyone,” she smiled.

“Wow, so teamwork takes an idea and people who can tell other people about the idea, and people who work together to make that idea happen?”


Another prompt asked, “What were some challenges to teamwork?”

“Hmmm,” she thought a moment. “Sometimes we had different ideas. Sometimes people didn’t know what they had to do. We had to think together to make the same idea. And when people didn’t know what to do, sometimes we had to help them.”

“Nice. You had to find a shared idea. And you had to help each other out so everyone could be a part of it!”

“Yes! Teamwork makes the dream work,” she concluded.

Who knew, moving worms could teach such important lessons on how to work together with others to help God’s dream.

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