One of the qualities of a Boy Scouts is resourcefulness. While it translates to behaviors, we recently realized it actually is a Goal-oriented attitude.

My son was assigned to defense on his LaCross team. To my ignorance defense uses longer sticks. Who knew? My son knew. But he didn’t have a long stick.

Comes in a lesson on resourcefulness.

In such a circumstance he faced a choice. Be discouraged that he didn’t have the right tools for the job, or do the best with what was given and fill in the deficit with other things, like sweat.

He decided on the latter.

With his short stick, he determined to do the best job he could and not dwell on the lack of resources. If he might have done better with a long stick or not, we won’t know, but what we did get to witness was his effort on the field. He sweat so much he looked like he went for a swim by the end of his turn.

He later proudly told me he made six interceptions.

Resourcefulness. You can’t always have all the things you need for a perfect execution, but what you can have is an absolute determination that you will figure out a way to get there with what you can muster around you. It’s not just a behavior, it’s an attitude.

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