Having a good mindset

by a 12 year old girl

Some people might think Chores is boring, Some might think Chores are hard, some think chores are fun!

I think I am in the middle of not wanting to do it and I like doing chores.

On chores day in the beginning I didn’t actually feel like cleaning and I didn’t actually want to clean but, I tried thinking another way. 

I thought about how We are cleaning because we are thanking the house for all the things it has provided us.

Also we are cleaning not only ‘cause we have to, but because we want God to feel welcome here! “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” 

We also don’t want to live in a dump! So we’re cleaning.

It is important to have a good mindset, and think of why we are doing something, instead of “because I was told to” or “‘cause I have to” 

We always should have a good reason for doing something and a good mindset so God is welcome.

In the end we get the reward of a clean and happy house! 

T h a n k y o u h o u s e ! ! !

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