A lesson learned from my piggies

Some people might think Why get pets? 

They are so much work, They cost money (food, bed, toys, cage ect), They are loud. 

But I don’t think so, And I am thinking some people think the same, Why not get pets?

They are cute, they cuddle, they make extremely cute noises, it’s cute how they eat! 

They teach you lessons like : responsibility, math (how much you are supposed to feed the pet), Safety. Actually some kids do better if they have a pet. They are responsible, safe, they are smart, and don’t spend as much time on screen.

Hi I am a 12 year old girl and I will share my story of how I learned responsibility from my guinea pigs, 

    When we first got our guinea pigs me and my sister were nine years old and our piggies were 7 months old (just so you know 1 human year = 10 guinea pig years.) At first we were Sooo excited! 

But after a few days or so, we realized it was a lot of work to take care of pets. We had to clean their cage, we had to refill their hay every time it went empty, same with their water bowl/bottle.

Lot’s to be done.

One day I really actually didn’t feel like doing anything I just felt like lounging around.

There was a moment where I walked by my piggy’s cage to check on them and noticed their hay was empty, their water was dirty, and their cage needed cleaning, But, I didn’t feel like it so I walked past it, then when I was about to go into my room I turned around and got to work. 

Because if I didn’t do it for them, they won’t be given what they need, and I want the best for them. 

In the end It’s my responsibility to keep them happy!

Guinea pig tips; Always get them in pairs or more, Timothy hay is best(no alfalfa hay for adult guinea pigs only for baby or pregnant guinea pigs), DON’T LEAVE PIGGIES ON GRASS! THEY WILL DIE IF YOU KEEP THEM IN GRASS TOO LONG just pick some grass(make sure there is no weed killer or anything on the grass) and put it inside their cage, or you can go out with your piggies and watch them. 

Research a lot.

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