What Larry the Cucumber’s Joseph Taught

Veggie Tales anyone?

Funny to think cucumber in the Wild West version of Joseph would convey a lesson in the Korean virtue of Han.

Larry did manage to teach me a thing or two.

In case you don’t know the story of Joseph, it’s a story in the Bible of 13 sons of Jacob. 11 of them are from one mother, Leah, two are from another mother Rachel. The two from Rachel are Jacob’s favorite: Joseph and Benjamin.

Jealous of their brother Joseph, the other brothers fake his death and sell him into slavery. Joseph is pained, but holds on to his faith in God. Along the way he is also framed, jailed and slandered. But his positive attitude allows God to turn his rotten milk into some nice cheese (figuratively).

Eventually his skills of dream interpretation opens the way for him to become the advisor to the king, prep the land to survive famine and reconcile with his brothers.

Watching Larry, who played Joseph, I realized how important our attitude and perception is critical in allowing God to work. There is something that He is doing, even in the deepest valleys of our life. And if we are so busy complaining, asking God why, or seeking ways to escape our predicament, we might miss what He is asking us to learn or do.

Larry taught me to be grateful and use adversity to strengthen my faith in God. Thanks cucumber.

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