Lessons from the Prodigal Son

Somehow the story of the Prodigal Son came up in my discussions this Sunday with my daughter.

The way she described it triggered a deep moment of reflection for me.

Her retelling ran something like this:“Remember the story about the dad? Who waited for the son who took the money? And his brother who had to help his brother welcome his brother back?”

What had stuck in her mind about the story was the dad’s heart towards his son and the brother who was asked to get in touch with his dad’s heart of love for the younger brother.

Recently I’ve felt a lot of fury toward injustice – mostly a world vs me or others vs me scenarios. Yet, as wallow in the fury that I feel is justified, I haven’t found solutions or progress. I kind of just stay stuck in the fury.

My daughter’s retelling of the Prodigal Son pushed me out of my rut. Maybe I was playing righteously indignant elder brother for a bit.

But, God’s heart reaches for all people. He keeps the door open for everyone, provided they walk through it. Who am I to decide who deserves it or not? I should fall in line with God’s heart – and not stand in the doorway , but help welcome with full heart those who are seeking to enter.

Still a work in progress – but at least my little lady kicked me out of it the hole with her cute rendition of a deep story.

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