A Heart like an ocean

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When me and my sister and cousins went to Montana I learned a valuable lesson.

We learned how if we have a heart of a cup(small heart)Then if someone pours a handful of salt (sad/hard time)into your cup (small heart)the water is undrinkable (you don’t know how to love)

But if you have a heart of a river(big heart) even though someone pours a handful or more salt in the river(big heart)the river is big enough to wash out the salt (hard times).

That’s why we are all going through different challenges.

But if your heart is the size of the ocean, If you put a handful or more salt in, It won’t get any saltier. (think of the  salt already in the ocean as all the challenges you’ve been through, but overcome.)

What is our heart is the size of the Ocean! Then Even if hard times (salt) Will come our way our heart will be big enough to receive it and be grateful about it. We will be grateful to God because he is challenging us so we will be ready next time a challenge falls our way.

 We want to have a heart as big as God’s, where everything is about the greater good and we give and forget that we have given and give some more.

Written by 7th grader girl

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