God’s Gifts to us!!!

God loves us! Just maybe we don’t notice it just this moment, There are many ways God is showing us his love! 

    God shows his love to us through animals, plants, sun, moon, stars, molecules, atoms, family, friends. 

God made this Whole world! And the universe!!

     When me and my family were out in nature I went out and went looking for pretty rocks. 

I found many different kinds of rocks, spiky ones, smooth rocks, square rocks, different rocks combined! 

My favorite rock of all was this beautiful rock that was made up of a beautiful square rock mashed up with this pretty silver sparkly rock. And one time I found a rock the shape of a heart! <”thank you God!” Also the river was sooo beautiful, the sky, the moon, stars, birds, moose antlers! We found a Moose antler! God gave us so many beautiful, unique, And Awesome Gifts!!!!!!

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