Having the heart of gratitude in everything.

A story of gratitude written by a 12 year old girl

We have a lot of things we can be grateful about to God!

 Family, Friends, Nature, The world! The Universe! The list goes on and on and on, you just can’t stop thanking God! 

I am gonna share one of my Grateful moments with you today.

It all started in the park. My sister and friends went out to the park and we played a game. We Partnered up, one of us blind folded ourselves, then our partner told us which direction to go.There were Lot’s of bumping into things and if we actually didn’t have eyes, or if God actually didn’t make our eyes, Then we all wouldn’t be able to see and wouldn’t have anyone to guide us or say which direction to go!!

Then we wouldn’t be able to find our ways around. 

I am grateful for my eyes.

I am grateful for my friends.

I am grateful God made us. There are just too many things to be grateful about. We always have time to be grateful.

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