Short stories from a hike at Wallace falls.

God’s Love is like the sunshine.

Just like we need  our vitamin C from the sun, we also need True love from God.

We can try to run away from the sun(God), but that will not be that helpful for us. 

We need it at least once in a while. But mostly we need the sun everyday.

We don’t want to live in the darkness.

We need God, Just like we need the sun.

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No river rejects a stream 

Like a river we need to be open to all. 

All streams somehow end up in the river, and the river never rejects a stream.

 The river keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger! 

We need to be like that, we need to open our hearts to all and our family grows to a community, and our community grows into a nation, and the nations grows into the world and then One Family Under God!  Happily living together.

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We have our ups and we have our downs

When we climbed the Wallace falls there were up hills and there were down hills, and in life we have our times when we think we can’t do it and we might give up, and in life we also have the times when we think things are going smoothly and we are comfortable, and we can keep going.

In all those times we have to keep on our best work and give our 100% in everything we do!

Even in the times we think we are comfortable, and there are only small things to do, ‘cause actually in the Bible many people who were called by God actually didn’t put their best in the small things. For example; like when Abraham was asked to make an offering for God, he got lazy around the ending and didn’t finish it till the end, he asked his servant to finish the offering off.  So even in times we think we can’t make it we gotta keep pushing ourselves.

Just like how I pushed myself on the hike.

Thank you for reading my short stories from my hike at Wallace Falls. 

-Written by a twelve year old girl

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