Always time for more.

2020 has taught me a valuable lesson.

We always have time to add more value.

Because of the quarantine period everybody had to stay home and had nothing to do. 

But I changed that “had nothing to do.” to Always have time for more.

What I mean by that is, We always have time to give.

Like one day I was super bored, but I heard the voice of my mom in my head. “If you’re bored, then look for something to do. You should never be bored, you should always find yourself busy doing something for the greater good.”

Then I got up and made my way toward my desk, I got my white board then I wrote, 

“Are you…

  • Adding value
  • Bringing God into what you’re doing
  • helping

If not, U can…

  • Clean something
  • Read D.P.
  • Take care of siblings
  • Ask if there’s anything to help with” 

I read it, then I got up, and started to clean my room. 

Written by a 12 year old girl and her sister

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