Whether the challenge is hard or easy, There is always a lesson to be learned.

lesson learned by a 12 year old

One day I was on a hike up a mountain with my family and I learned 

something handy, it doesn’t matter what kind of challenge you are given by 

God, God always has a lesson for you and if you do not have your eyes open 

you can miss the lesson God has prepared for you and you wouldn’t know what God wanted you to learn. 

So, I was on a hike and we just finished climbing a mountain. 

That mountain was shorter than all the others we were 

surrounded by, but it felt so steep and tall and we were 


 But that mountain was just a warm up hike, Next we were gonna hike up a huge mountain! 

On that hike, I learned to always push yourself to do more than you think you can do, because usually 

your body can be suuuuuuuper exhausted but if you 

keep going and believe you can do it, then that will come true and you just 

have to push yourself till you find yourself at that place where you wanted to 

go, and when you are done with the challenge find another challenge and go 

up that mountain! metaphor

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